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 Most buyers today are very sensitive to where their pup comes from and how both the puppy and parents live and are treated, the image that comes to mind of people who have more than two or three dogs is often 'mill' or 'farm', 
like hundreds of dogs living in squalid, unhealthy neglect,  and flogged off in bulk to petshops or public with no concern for their fate. 
None of these types of establishments that I ever heard of  bother to do health testing, give genetic health guarantees, take the time and trouble to see the each and every puppy goes direct to his or her new owner, or desexes every  puppy to ensure each and every one DOES go only to a pet home.
That would cut into profits far too much for those types of people to bother with. So would the $17,000 we just spent on fresh new bloodlines from the USA, the cost of importing when you are dealing with our exchange rate, a years board, quarantine, flight, vet, and various others costs is horrific, no puppy farm run for profit is going to spend that sort of money !
We do all the above and also desex and find pet homes for our ex breeding dogs, they are also fed on the best of food, not cheapo crap. Being where we are, in the dusty dry outback of Queensland, we use a lot of kibble,  free of cereal grain for adults and  for puppies when we can get it, we also buy frozen raw chicken frames and necks in bulk. 
So, is this a puppy farm ? in a way yes, we have a lot of dogs, we sell pups, and at times have up to three or four litters at once, but in the context of what you think a puppy farm is,... neglect, cruel, horrible conditions,, we do this in retirement because we love it, we love dogs, and their care and comfort comes first, not last,  I never go out apart from when I need to travel and we do not take any sort of holidays, we do not trust anyone to care for the dogs.
   Nor will we sell pups from Max, our import for the $10,000 or more we could get because he is the only Blue Boston in Australia as I write.   ( If you doubt this price just go and look at the coloured French Bulldog prices ) $10,000  is a conservative figure ! ( Update to 2022, we are still well below usual prices. )
To do that, we would need to leave them entire to go to those who DO want to breed for profit alone. NOT happening peeps, we breed because we have our own vision, pups cost a lot because we keep them in the best conditions and your money helps us do that, but no amount of money will buy anything other than a family pet., unless you are a trusted fellow breeder, and there are exceedingly few of those !
Below are photos of our yards and whelping kennels fully air conditioned, heated in winter, cooled in summer, and some of our yards.
There are also both outdoor and indoor areas for older pups and mums, always kept clean and 
One snake proof yard done and dusted,the dream is eventually to do the lot, but it is pretty expensive work and will take us a while, and I doubt we wil lever do the entire three acres they run on, there are three layers of wire and mesh on this one yard !
Above a pallet of kibble arriving, we are too far out to buy less at one time.  Whilst we would like all natural food we cannot rely on a constant supply, so the best quality kibble is used, GRAIN FREE and Australian made. Black Hawk or Stay Loyal, both are also Australian 
You can buy Stay Loyal online, it is not in shops but they will deliver it to you. 
Just go to their site to see more about them, they provide an excellent service ! 
 ( following the Stay Loyal link below will take you to their website )
Below right the whelping  kennel and nursery from our back patio, so close a puppy in trouble can be heard any time even in the middle of the night.
Below that an insulated outside kennel made from coldroom panel.
On right the entrance to nursery, below it is inside the nursery. Pups playing, their bed is behind them and mums retreat  above them , toys get changed about so they do not get bored, they also spent time outside as they get older, albeit often in the dirt, this is semi dessert country and not often green. 
 Large paddock for play, and way below the snake proof cages we just had to accept were the only safe way to keep dogs at night or when we are not out with them, this after losing 6 in one week to snakes, we still lose some, but no where near what we used to.
 We tried snake chasers first, might as well have saved several thousand dollars for we did the entire three aces we have fenced off for the dogs with them, and still lost dogs to snakes far too often.  
Putting dogs up out of reach has worked well.  For playtime there are many play stations about the paddocks and yards, dogs are not left in bare yards with nothing to stimulate them.  Like kids, they like to climb, jump and pull on tugs set up just for that purpose
 I do not much like these cages but until we can snake proof more yards they are the only way to keep the dry dogs safe at night and when we are not out with them, dying from snake bite is a bloody sight  worse than being locked safely away, these dogs do not just live in these cages, they spend plenty of time out running and playing as those in photo above are doing. 

We do have plenty of excersize yards and most are now snake proofed, on hot days sprays are used to cool things down.

Our dogs do tolerate heat as long as there is plenty of shade and fresh water, but they also do enjoy a bit of pampering with air conditioning in the nursery  for mums and bubs, and sprays over these outdoor yards

Mud is not a thing they see much off, and they have a great time in it when we do get rain 
Should you wonder further, well, are they recieving proper parasite control or vet care, I will not put up all we buy or do, but open the pdf files abpove by clicking on them and take a gander, this is what you pay for, well cared for dogs and pups cost.  
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