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Here's an update on Ollie for you Maria. We've just been for a 4km walk and now he's playing with the cat from next door! He has lots of energy but will happily sit on the couch too. Gee we love him!


Two beautiful little girls below from us  who live in Perth now.

 This gorgeous pair were bred by us and this lovely photo sent to us, we do so love to get photos of past pups, otherwise we would seldom get to see how they matured ! 
Another photo of happy little girl below,  now settled in her new home got this today :
"Just a short note to let you know that Pip has settled in beautifully and is a delight! She is very confident and enjoys a bit of tough and tumble with her much bigger 'sister'. She eats well, sleeps well (and therefore so do I !) and generally keeps me on my toes. I've had to attach a bell so that I can keep track of her as she nimble footed and disappears in the blink of an eye!! The tinkle alerts me to her position during her explorations of her environment!They're both asleep at the moment and the peace and quiet is lovely. But the fun and games will restart soon enough. She has the perfect personality for us and life is enriched by having her around."

Bam Bam, a most engaging little dog, sometimes when we get these photos back we just wish we could keep all of them !

    No update is complete without adding the latest of two these cuties, 

Luna is as cute as it comes in brindle, photos just do not do brindle dogs justice, the sun dancing of the differnt shades of a brindle dogs coat is just a thing you need to see to appreciate ! 


Another lovley mis marked girl one wonders at times why different is even considered mis marked ! if a dog is born in this or that pattern or colour, surely that is normal in nature , however, not in the show ring ! where our pups go....NEVER .
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