These are but a few of the tests we have done over the years, quite a few breeders now do DNA tests for Juvenile Cataracts, very few do a full panel of tests, we were among the first, if not the first to do this in 2008.


We also x ray male dogs spines and some females depending on lines and how well we know them.


I will not go through and show every individual test done in the past, just enough so you know it HAS  been done,  as I get time, I will put up tests done on dogs currently being used used.


It is important to understand that NO amount of testing ensure that every puppy will be fault free, that just does not happen in any known breed, 


What testing does do is greatly lessen the chances of a faulty pup, and our guarantee includes the offer of a replacement puppy in the event of serious spinal defects that are genetic in origin, many Boston Guarantees exclude Hemi Vertebrae !


See our full guarantee on this site to be sure you understand exactly what we do, and do not



           You can click on the icons below to see what tests are involved. The tests presented below in Acrobat are for some of our old dogs, long since retired DNA tests  go back to 2008  full panel tests to 2011 as these became available.

I have only put a few up of the many we have done just to show that we have always been heavily into tests, those for our current dogs may be seen beside their photos on Current Breeding Dogs page  

We have always led the way as far as testing goes,  we do not attend shows, we breed for healthier pets and are not interested in shows or ANKC until such time as the health of a dog is not compromised by a fashionable 'shape' as it is at present.


       Jax.                                                 Bluegum.                                               Mooshi
Trouble.                                                       Biggles.                                                              Moritz
Will.                                                               Willson.                                                                        Willson
Willson.                                                                                   Hassle.                                                                                                   Will

Tiger.                          Caitlin                                          Max

Max.                                            Max.                                                Beth
 Migaloo.                                Bungee.                                          Bungee
Olivia.                                      Olivia                                                Rosie