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    We have several Boston Terrier pups available, email for photos, price is $3,300 chipped vaccines up to date and delivered to most Cities ( 14/01/23 )
Ask about   Adult Bostons and cross Bostons retiring 2023 any pups up on our Facebook page are probably for sale so send us a message about them if interested   look on Facebook 
for The Minibull Project , I usually keep that updated, or for our Facebook community,  Bostons Australia 

 Click above to leave this site and go to our FACEBOOK site for our past pups/dogs, put up by buyers.
Delivery to all major Cities in Australia as from November 03  2022 is included in the cost of your puppy, this includes Brisbane.

Bostons are from  $3,300 Toy Bulldog pups of very high Boston content are from $2,300 . Foundation pups when available $1,500 or less depending on what they are.

 As always, all pups will be from health tested lines,  will be vaccinated, chipped  and guaranteed see our "To Buy" page.



U S A Import

Jax is clear of Hereditary cataract, we still wait on completion of his full breed profile, I will add that as soon as it is complete

Click on the icon above to see his JC results

We have several pups by Jax available, they are cross pups not full Boston.

Crosses cost $2,300 desexed ect, in most cases delivery is included, Perth may be an exception, we may charge extra for delivery to Perth so let us know where you are please. 

Max also has pups on the way, all of our dogs DNA tests are clear for what we test for, at this stage  we only test some crosses and occasionally a purebred for DVL2,  ( usually one of our own to see how they are going ) which is the gene associated with hemi vertebrae, screw tail, and other nasties, reason being that at this time according to Orivet data, ALL Bostons carry it,  as we have been breeding away from the visible traits known to be associated with DVL2 for twenty odd years we do hope at some stage to find a dog without it, although without outcrossing thats a near impossibility, unless there are untested dogs out there without it, and thats not very likely if 100 percent of those Orivet have tested have it,  not all of our bitches are tested because most are home bred and we know their history as mother, or grandmothers or Great grandmothers were tested and clear, for what we test for,  but even if a bitch is not clear of the recessive traits we test for, the pups CANNOT be affected because every dog here is clear, and a clear dog will not, CANNOT throw a puppy affected by those recessive genetic conditions.  Max is all clear same as Jax, Bluegum, Trouble, Biggles, and other past dogs were. 

Understand this, even though ALL Bostons are said to be positive for DVL2, NOT all dogs are adversely affected by it, why it is that some genetic conditions do not affect animals carrying two copies, not even geneticists can tell us, I tend to think after all our years of breeding, that with DVL2 at least, breeding away from extreme physical traits known to be linked to it helps to keep it from being expressed even though it is still there.

Possibly, because it's a complex gene, other genes linked to the more moderate traits help to stop most dogs from presenting with the worst expressions of it.  

Outcrossing will definitely  help, we are at a stage of starting to test some lines of Toybulldogs of high Boston blood for it, and eventually we will get DVL2 clear dogs in those.

 Click of PDF file above to see Bluegums DNA test results


Bluegum has crossed pups on the ground, they are $2,300 desexed ect as usual, delivery may be included although we may charge extra for Perth so let us know where you are please

max head9_o.jpg

Tease ( below) and Archie have pups, we may have a couple of boys to spare, contact me about them they will cost you $3,300 delivery included email

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