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 To Buy, all about what to do and what to expect, please read all. At this time, 2021, we are unable to keep up with casual enquiries, so a fee of $100 for the Toybulldog list or $200 to join the Boston Terrier wait list is needed, it does come off the full price but as of  June 2021 is NOT refundable. Waiting time is usually  around 6 to 8 months but can be longer particularly for those who are very specific in what they want, I keep our fee low so that those who pull out are not losing a lot, but do understand this is a fee, NOT a deposit.



If you are considering buying a pup, first thing is to research what sort of pup you want, then find your breeder, things to research are not only what size and type of temperament you want but also the following :


What are the ‘breed’ related problems you expect to encounter in your chosen breed and what is the breeder doing to help eliminate or at least lessen the occurrence of same.


What are they offering in the way of a guarantee ? if they offer a guarantee against all but the most serious conditions  known to occur in your chosen breed stop and think about that !


If you lived on a mountain would you need flood insurance ? No? so, if your breeder offers a guarantee, but not for the things most likely to occur in your chosen breed, is there any worth in that guarantee ?  


 Pups should be from health tested parents. At Boston Terriers we do DNA test on all new lines to see that they will not breed pups that will go blind early from Juvenile cataracts, we also test for any other gene related conditions we can, with new tests being added as they become available.

Once your kennel has all 'clear' dogs, no pup can be born with JC. or any other genetic condition that relies on the same mode of inheritance.


Here we also x ray our breeding males and any females from unknown lines, we check for Hemi Vertebrae and bad hip or patellae conformation. 


A close watch is kept on nares, ( nostrils) as closed nares are a huge part of why many dogs have breathing difficulties.


No dog not up to our standard is used to breed on from. 


It is reasonable to expect a replacement pup should your pup prove to have a serious genetic or congenital condition, this is not always offered by breeders so be clear on that before buying. 


It is not reasonable to expect replacement or any other help for more minor problems that you may encounter in spite of the breeder taking all due care to produce fit and healthy pups.


If information regarding the faults you are most likely to encounter in any given breed are not made available to you, the breeder has erred, claims of lines free from any fault are made by either liars or fools, best to stay well clear of both ! 


All dogs of all breeds can have and do have faults, some lines have far fewer, those are usually from well tested lines bred by experienced, caring breeders.


Once you have found your breeder it is a fair thing for them to expect you to put a hold on a pup, we ask for $100 for a cross, $200 for a Boston, and with us, this is accepted ONLY on the understanding  that if you pull out for any reason we do not refund that money, no refund is usual among breeders, although often much more is asked for as a downpayment. 

If for any reason we have to pull out and do not supply the pup, we will refund the money you have paid.


We also accept people paying ahead to join our wait list, this is not mandatory but you are unlikely to get choice of any particular sex or markings if you are not on our list as those people who are on it get first offer, same conditions as above, if you pull out, the money you have paid to join is not refunded although it can be used at any time of your choice in the future.


Having secured your puppy, once he is born, it is fair to expect questions you will undoubtably have to be answered, and to expect several updates of photos, but not daily or even weekly updates. It is also fair to expect the breeder to organise freight where that is necessary , and to be prepared to pay whatever is still owing promptly once delivery has been organised, we do not like to  ask for final payments until we have booked the trip and have sent our buyers their itinerary, but once that's done,  I will not tolerate being ignored or payments being late.


Once the itinerary is sent, we expect prompt payment of final amount owing, NO PUP LEAVES UNLESS IT IS PAID FOR and cheques are not accepted.


For those meeting me to personally pick up their pup, you must bring cash for the final payment on the day, and pay on delivery, or you can do a transfer at least three weekdays before delivery is due, it MUST be in and clear, or I can accept payment by card. 

DO NOT expect to do a transfer on phone, unless to pay ID, but if in a bad area and it does not go straight in, pup cant go.


For the flyers,  Take an old towel and some water to the airport with you, some old newspapers to put in the crate should it need cleaning will be useful too, if you take food take only a little, water is more important. Because of recent changes in how we must transport pups we can no longer supply a crate to the interstate, or other more local buyers.


 For those picking up from me, you also need to bring your own crate if you do not have one you need a spare lap or little harness with seatbelt clip on it to secure your pup on the way home.


Vet certificates are sent with Dogmovers to those whose pups must go interstate, or are given to new pup parents on delivery, I now change chip details over to your name online, and AAR will send you an email once its done, by law I have two weeks after delivery  to do this.


Vaccinations will be up to date, pup will have had at least one C3 we do not usually give any other than  C3 vaccines ,we do not like too many live virus’ being shot into small pups at once.


If you have any problems we expect to be notified, and do be familiar with our ‘trouble shooting’ page, this may help when minor problems arise.


You should feel free to call with minor problems or for advice, but for anything serious WRITE, email or message is fine, if requested, promptly send a vet report, you cannot expect any breeder to recognise unsupported claims of defects.


From today, July 1.2021,  Freight will be added on to the cost from Brisbane on, and if I cannot come to Brisbane with pups myself as I usually do, I may send them by road with Dogmovers, this does cost Brisbane buyers  a couple of hundred extra if and when this happens although I will still arrange it.

Our moto is simple, we will replace any puppy who has a serious genetic or congenital defect that cannot be fixed by reasonable means, we do require proof as does any breeder.





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