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Do visit our Facebook pages for more contemporary information, frequently updated, with many photo albums and input from public and buyers. Please also read all static info here to understand what we do, and do not have to offer. 


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The buyers of these three dogs had them pose for the painting they had done of them which they were kind enough to send us a copy of, and which I have shared above, the same three also love to swim, and are in just the type of home we love our pups to go to. 

 Myself (Maria) and Phil, A few years back   :-)

These are the same three that are in the portrait just below the header.

Where it all starts, here in Charleville

A few of our past puppies playing, some are Boston Terriers, some are Toy Bulldogs, which are of high Boston content. 

IContact us for pet only puppies guaranteed against serious genetic or congenital faults, that cannot be fixed by reasonable means.  Any such puppy will be replaced ASAP. Proof will be required. We fly pups Australia wide, only good pet homes will be considered.

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